Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How Microsoft Wooed A Long-Time Apple User

This week, I have a Windows-based computer, purchased for the first time in 15 years.

I've been a Mac user since 1986 and I have always preferred the world. But this time when I need a new primary computing device, willingly went to leave the apple orchard and a Windows machine is not the only one, but Microsoft, unexpected, develops and sells.

Like many long-time Mac user does, I never thought that such a choice. Design, innovation and features: But I did it for good purposes.

Consultants have been the hallmark of Apple devices. intelligent, attractive design with things to do - - easily that victory had not even thought of yet. But this time, the book of Microsoft Surface, a laptop / tablet hybrid (a product segment fast growing) computer, not just the features I wanted, but rather, simply a beautiful piece of hardware that marry performance.

So I found myself walking in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley city as a whole and not only with technology and innovation, but incredibly fashionable, lugging a big, big, disturbing untrendy the Microsoft brand bags Microsoft shop.

Shame. A white plastic bag minimalist Apple has long been a fashion pose. A bag of Microsoft, even for Windows users (and most computer users in the world run Windows) from errs heavily on the Mstrbyn.

And oh, the Microsoft store. Always ironic contrast to the main store of Apple crystal box about 200 yards away, so one of his last projects department stores, Steve Jobs. Apple store is always packed. Microsoft Store, a lot.

The reasons for this are not really blame Microsoft shop. windows machines are everywhere and is available from many manufacturers and sellers. So Windows software. Apple things can be found in a limited number of places, but especially the scope of tastes rank exhibited at the Apple store. They have a good sense (and hardware stores).

But I was at Microsoft Store.

I was only vaguely aware of the book, until I started looking at Windows machines, the preferred version of the software to run the sound of the nuances that I need, due to repetitive strain injury serious.

Writing options

I also like to write options that can help prevent mouse, keyboard and touchpad research.

It was then that I reserve levels, excellent, top to turn the tablet / laptop that has a lot of energy, Windows software complete audio interactive pen / stylus to control the operating system, in addition to other activities, such as notetaking, Mark and discovery of documents, paintings and so on.

Send in print or cursive, and software become a word processing document, or write in a web form or the Comments. In the Apple store, which was about to do it is the text of the application for iPad. "Oh, well, no. But anyway," said the sales assistant.

When you can, I can get a new iPad as well, to replace my aging MacBook Air - I'm not just for Windows. Apple, for me, is still not as useful, and not so attractive in many ways, such as a mixture with an appropriate level book, but detachable keyboard.

And this is an unattractive. Before buying the book, I have a chat with a friend, a former employee of Apple and hardware, software and design searches that Steve Jobs had worked closely for years. I was seriously impressed with the book. He did it for the plan, external functions, while doing nothing Apple thinks.

A lot of people have to agree, as their book sales levels and tablet surface initial expectations, Microsoft has passed, pushing sales up 61 percent and hit $ 1.1 billion in Q3 despite some errors in the operating system now seems that the operating system and firmware updates (I'm such everyday issues Apple devices also) is.

As I bought the book, I remembered that 15 years ago, on a visit to Microsoft headquarters in Washington, I'm one of the main researchers working on a new device called tablet, where users can interview notes they can be converted to type.

This demonstration was the star in a speech by Bill Gates. Now here it is, weighs about half a kilo of the demo device. So Microsoft did not rush to production. I wonder where they might be with this incredible success now.

Former Apple as my friend pointed out, Microsoft is becoming an interesting company to watch. Think different, maybe.

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